Health & Safety

Work permits

Strict adherence to safety management measures is necessary in order to be able to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment and protect our employees, installations, the surrounding area and the environment.

Work permits serve as a measure for controlling potential occupational risks associated with the various maintenance activities that are carried out.

A work permit is a document that is used to grant authorisation to the right people to carry out certain tasks under specific work and process conditions at specific times.

A work permit establishes these arrangements, conditions and control measures so that misunderstandings during the execution of the work can be prevented.

That is why we operate a work permit system within RWE GCC and our RWE Life Saving Rule 2 reads:

I always hold a valid work permit which means:

  • I know in advance how we are going to carry out our work and risks and measures are established beforehand;
  • I have made sure that a valid permit that has been discussed and understood is required;
  • I understand the permit and I comply with it;
  • Before I start work, I stop and make sure that the risks are under control and that it is safe to start work;
  • I stop and reassess the situation if the workplace or circumstances change or are not as I had expected.