Discover hydropower as an energy source

Discover hydropower as an energy source

Generating electricity with water

The power of water has been known for centuries. Converting this power into electricity has now been in vogue for over a hundred years. The Netherlands has limited opportunities for hydropower plants. Our country is flat and height differences are few. Rivers like the Meuse and Rhine have a mild flow pattern with little potential for power generation. Moreover, many waterways in the Netherlands have been canalised and are kept at an artificial level with weirs, further hindering the natural flow. Nevertheless, a small number of small hydropower plants are in operation in the Netherlands, including RWE's in Linne (Limburg).

In Luxembourg, there is more height difference and the situation is different. In Vianden, RWE has access to electricity production from the reservoir power plant there. RWE also has several types of hydropower plants in Germany and the UK.

At a glance


hydropower stations in the Benelux

About 00 MW

operational capacity

Only 00 MW

in the Netherlands

Linne hydropower station

Details on Linne hydropower station

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Vianden pumped-storage power plant

Details on Vianden pumped-storage power plant

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RWE Generation NL

Amerweg 1
4931 NC  Geertruidenberg

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