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Invoice information

This page shows you all the information you need for correct invoicing.

Below the text block you will also find a link to the PDF documents for a bank guarantee in Dutch and English language.

You have supplied to an RWE company in the Netherlands

PLEASE NOTE: our invoice must always state the purchase order number and the location address of the relevant RWE entity. You can find this in the purchase order and in this list RWE invoicing and correspondence addresses.

Before submitting your invoice to RWE, always read the document RWE invoice requirements first, in order to enable rapid processing of your invoice.

You have two options for submitting your invoice: 

1. Digitally to our email address: (this is preferred)

When sending by email, it is mandatory to state the location address of the RWE entity on your invoice; the invoicing address in Essen (Germany) is optional.

If you are sending your invoices in PDF format by email, please note:

  • Always state the location address of the relevant RWE entity on your invoice
  • Please send only one PDF document (invoice including signed receipts/weekly statements) by email. Any other invoices will not be stored by the system.
  • Only PDF files are permitted.
  • Invoices can only be submitted using the email address Other documents (such as first and final reminders) will not be processed and cannot be accepted.
  • Send your invoice in either digital or physical form and not both.
  • The PDF file may not be larger than 9 MB in size

In all other cases, it will not be possible to process the email and it will be returned.

2. Physically to:

RWE Company name
Zentraler Rechnungseingang
45096 Essen

(This is a special address – street name and house number are not required).

First and final reminders and/or other questions about invoices can be sent by email to:

When compiling a bank guarantee, we kindly ask you to use the templates we have drawn up in Dutch and English language (click on the link to open the document).

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