Health & Safety

RWE Generation Integrated sustainability policy

We support the RWE Group’s sustainability strategy and implement it consistently.

  1. Process Safety, Health and Safety, Environmental Protection, Energy Efficiency, Quality, Information Security and Data Protection as well as Corporate Security are of high importance and in line with international standards.
  2. Every manager and employee is responsible for complying with this policy.
  3. We comply with statutory requirements and voluntary commitments (e.g. Bettercoal), take political developments into consideration and align our actions accordingly.
  4. We continuously develop our installations, approaches and processes in order to ensure a resource-conserving and future-oriented energy supply, subject to economic efficiency.
  5. We identify relevant opportunities to add value and to minimise risks in all our activities.
  6. We provide the appropriate personnel and financial resources in order to achieve our defined objectives and regularly evaluate our performance.
  7. We strive continuously to improve ourselves, by applying the NWoW, for example. We regularly assess the efficiency and suitability of our management systems and facilitate their gradual integration.
  8. All injuries are avoidable. Health and Safety come first. We want NO accidents! 
    We will not work if the workplace, working environment or activity is not safe! 
    We conduct ourselves as role models! 
    We keep our eyes open and never turn a blind eye! 
    We treat our contractors and RWE employees the same!
  9. We understand and fulfil the expectations and requirements of our internal and external customers. We expect our contractors and partner companies to do the same.
  10. We value the work carried out by our employees. We promote open communication and the secure company-wide exchange of information.
  11. We develop our employees and aim to continuously improve their awareness of our management systems.
  12. We communicate openly regarding our actions and ensure transparency for employees and representative bodies, the RWE Group and the public. We maintain dialogue with our neighbours, authorities and stakeholders. 

Nikolaus Valerius | Silvia Ortín Rios | Marinus Tabak | Sopna Sury