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Registration service for (sub)contractors

Carrying out work

Are you coming to carry out work in or within the vicinity of installations, buildings or workplaces where there are risks of sustaining injury? Or are you coming to carry out work based on a contract (carrying out measurements for the purpose of drawing up a tender also comes under this)?

The Registration procedure for contractors applies to the timely and correct registration of personnel who are going to be carrying out work for contractors.

The registration service is used to check the required documents and details of an employee in advance. Documents required are partly a statutory obligation and requirements that have been set by RWE Generation NL.

The details entered by the contractor will be checked by a back office. Once they have been approved, the back office will give the Security staff permission to allow the registered employee to enter the site when he signs in.

In this way, the timely and correct registration of an employee will prevent an unnecessary and irritating wait at the gate and will also save money.

To be able to use the Registration service, a company must first register for an account.

A company with an account can register its personnel directly via the registration service.

Download a guide on how our registration service works.

Questions regarding the registration service?

Do you have questions regarding the Registration service or are there any issues? Please contact our back office as follows during office hours.

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