Discover solar energy

Our own self-managed solar farms

Discover solar energy

Our own self-managed solar farms

Discover solar energy

Our own self-managed solar farms

Discover solar energy

The power of the sun as a source of clean energy: without the sun, there would be no life on our planet. The amount of energy it radiates is incredible. Here on Earth – 150 million kilometres away – we receive more than 1.300 watts of radiated power per square metre. So it is up to us to utilise this huge potential. RWE invests in large-scale and smaller solar projects worldwide and is also becoming increasingly active in the Netherlands. We use solar panels that are installed on factory roofs, on the ground and so that they float on water.

RWE has two solar energy sites in the Netherlands: Kerkrade Solar Farm and Amer Solar Farm. They have a combined total of around 57.000 panels and 24 MW pdc (megawatts of peak direct current) which is equivalent to the annual consumption of around 6.300 households. At Amer Solar Farm, there are panels on the roof, on the ground and floating in the water (floating solar).

Solar energy essential to the energy transition

Solar energy is a key component in the energy transition and will continue to grow in the years to come. Certainly in the Netherlands which occupies a leading position in Europe due to the number of installations on the roofs of houses. The prices of solar panels have dropped enormously in recent years.

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Solar farms in operation

Just under 00 MWpdc

Total established power

More than 00

Projects under development and construction

It takes a relatively short time to build a solar farm, although the licensing procedure can sometimes take longer. But that doesn’t mean that the systems themselves have a short service life. Far from it! Once completed, the solar farm can operate for up to 25 years or more and thus contribute towards a sustainable energy supply.

A special form of solar energy is agri-photovoltaic (Agri-PV) where the farmer’s harvest is supplemented by a solar harvest on the same piece of land. On just part of plots of agricultural land, solar panels are then installed in a special arrangement, allowing agricultural production to continue alongside the production of solar energy.

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