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Last coal-fired power plants are being converted

RWE is no longer operating any hard coal fired power plants in the United Kingdom and Germany. Our aim for the remaining power plants in the Netherlands is to convert the Eemshaven plant to enable the use of sustainable biomass. The Amer power plant has already been converted.

For decades, hard coal along with gas was an important fuel for the production of electricity and heat in the Netherlands. The change in the way of thinking about the CO2 emissions of fossil fuels such as hard coal and the rise of an increasing level of sustainable energy production has led to a reduction in the share of hard coal. In 2019, the Dutch government passed a law setting a definite end date for the use of hard coal for the production of electricity.

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Until then, the remaining power plants will continue to play an important role in supplying affordable and reliable electricity. A high yield, with lower emissions, can be achieved by using the latest technologies.

Ready for the future

In order to comply with the Law on the Prohibition of Coal for Electricity Production, and in line with RWE’s sustainability targets, RWE’s two power plants in Geertruidenberg and Groningen are being converted to biomass plants.

The Amer power plant in Geertruidenberg now uses 85% biomass on average. By 1 January 2025 at the latest, this power plant will have stopped using hard coal altogether. At the Eemshaven power plant, approximately 20% of the energy produced is currently already being generated using biomass.

RWE wants to go one step further than that. By connecting the power plants to a capture plant, the CO2 can be captured and reused for sustainable products and fuels or stored offshore, in depleted gas fields or specific soil layers. This will enable so-called negative emissions to be realised which are important for achieving CO2 targets. RWE is investigating the technical and economic feasibility of these plans.

Eemshaven power plant

The newest coal-fired power station and in the future use of biomass

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Amer power plant

Sustainable biomass is gradually replacing coal

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