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RWE Renewables Benelux B.V.

RWE is one of the world's leading players in the field of energy generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar. We develop, build and operate in more than 20 countries on five continents. Our aim in Benelux is to rapidly expand the number of wind and solar parks, both onshore and offshore. 

In all our projects, we work together with governments, scientists, environmental organisations and local stakeholders. By working together and sharing knowledge, we form a driving force that moves the energy transition forward. By constantly researching and innovating, we continue to work more efficiently, smartly and in a climate-friendly wayin order  to achieve our goal: to be climate neutral in 2040.

Onshore wind

Wind is an important source of clean energy. That is why we have been developing, building and operating wind farms in the Netherlands since 1988, the first wind farm was in Urk. We are now one of the largest operators of onshore wind energy in the Netherlands.

Offshore wind

RWE is the world's number 2 in offshore wind farms. The Benelux is one of the markets where RWE wants to further expand its renewable energy portfolio. Offshore wind farms are an essential part of RWE's sustainability strategy.

Solar energy

Let the sun shine. Because without the sun, there wouldn’t be any life on our planet. The amount of energy the sun has to offer us is unimaginable. Here on earth, at a distance of 150 million kilometres, we receive more than 1,300 watts of radiated power per square metre. This means it's up to us to do the right thing with all of this free energy.

That's why RWE invests in (large-scale) solar projects and supports electricity producers, power plant operators and others involved in the development, construction and operation of solar farms. We do this both onshore as offshore.

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