Supplier management

Suppliers at RWE

RWE and its suppliers

Our suppliers are a central part of our production process. They contribute to RWE's success. The aim is to optimize the entire production chain, together with our suppliers. We follow guidelines from umbrella organizations and agreements, and expect the same from our suppliers and partners.

We aim to make further improvements by working with you

As a major player in the energy market, we want to work only with the very best suppliers. Our supplier management promotes collaboration between suppliers and RWE by providing transparency on the performance of our suppliers and continually helping them to optimize that performance.

To achieve successful cooperation between RWE and its suppliers and partners, the following is important:

  • Fair and transparent selection of suppliers
  • Evaluating and classifying suppliers in a transparent and open manner
  • Supplier development: improving together

Selection of suppliers

Our aim is to select the best suppliers worldwide. The quality of the working relationship, the individual qualities and the strategic interest all play a decisive role in this. It means that both large-scale and small-scale suppliers can be selected in the same way.

Before the decision on selection is made, all potential procurement options are examined and considered by our Category Teams, taking account of the relevant requirements and conditions in the procurement market. This is followed by the evaluation, classification and further development of our suppliers. When this process has been successfully completed, the supplier can put itself forward for closer and longer-term collaboration.

Evaluation and classification of suppliers

The suppliers we select undergo an objective assessment by RWE experts. The assessment criteria are the same across RWE and may differ for each type of supply. For example, in scaffolding erection, the issue of 'safety' will play a bigger role than in office supplies.

By applying the same criteria everywhere and communicating evaluation results within RWE, the best-performing suppliers are able to take centre stage. These results form the basis for concrete improvement targets agreed between RWE and its suppliers. 

The evaluation of our suppliers combined with the assessment of their strategic status as an RWE supplier – which is determined based on uniform and objective criteria – is used to decide which category a supplier will be placed in. This classification forms the basis for optimizing the working relationship between suppliers and RWE. 

Supplier development: improving together

We want to see our suppliers develop and thereby improve their performance. For this reason, targets are set together with the supplier based on the classification and the assessment results. We then look together at how the supplier wants to achieve these targets: independently and on its own, with progress being measured. Or in conjunction with RWE. Some measures can be taken right away to implement improvements quickly.