Discover gas as an energy source

Discover gas as an energy source

Discover gas as an energy source

Discover gas as an energy source

Producing electricity using gas

Gas has long since been the main source of energy in the Netherlands, both for domestic use and in industry. Gas is used as the primary energy source in many different ways, including for the production of electricity.

Gas-fired power plants are the logical partner for renewable energy, as technology for accelerating the transition to a carbon-free economy and ensuring the continuity of the electricity supply at the same time. Gas will therefore make a decisive contribution to the energy transition.

At a glance


gas-fired power plants in operation

Approximately 00 MW

of efficient operational capacity

More than 00

years of experience

How does RWE use gas for electricity production?

The pressurised gas enters a turbine where its combustion drives the turbine. A connected generator can convert the energy obtained in this way into the end product: electricity.

Flexible with short start-up times

In the future, gas-fired power plants will play an important role, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing a reliable, flexible electricity supply, as a non-weather-dependent supplement to wind energy- and solar energy-based electricity production. The major benefit of these plants is their flexibility: at times when it is necessary to do so, they can be run up to their peak capacity within a matter of minutes. For example, when sun and wind are not producing enough energy. This will play an important role in regulating our electricity grids and preventing power outages during peak demand periods at the same time.

With power plants in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Turkey, RWE is one of the leading operators of advanced gas-fired power plants in Europe. RWE has 4 gas-fired power plants in the Netherlands.  

Claus C power plant

Modern gas-fired power station and nearby hydroelectric power station

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Swentibold power plant

Flexible natural gas-fired power plant on the Chemelot industrial estate

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Magnum power station

Modern and efficient CCU power plant.

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Moerdijk power plant

Modern and very efficient gas-fired power station

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