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Cogeneration plant

Moerdijk power plant

Facts and figures

Power plant location Moerdijk, the Netherlands
Power plant type Cogeneration plant
Commissioned in 2012
Fuel Natural gas
Electrical output (net) 426 MW
Power plant capacity 700 MW
System Steam and gas turbine (STEG/CCGT)


Modern gas-fired power plant

Dutch power plant Moerdijk consists of the two cogeneration units "CHP Moerdijk I" and "CCGT Moerdijk II". CHP and CCGT are two acronyms used for cogeneration plants. Moerdijk II is a state-of-the-art unit with a capacity of 426 MW and an efficiency of 58 per cent. Moerdijk I was mothballed in early 2018.


Moerdijk II is a power plant with steam and gas turbine (CCGT/STEG). The process of electricity generation starts by combusting natural gas in the gas turbine. The combustion gases expand in the turbine which then drives a generator that produces electricity. 

Moerdijk II was built using the latest technologies and achieves an efficiency level of 58 per cent. This is significantly above the average efficiency of 36 per cent achieved by power plants in the Netherlands.

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