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Development of offshore projects for Benelux

A strong tailwind for the energy transition

RWE is a global leader in the development, realisation and exploitation of offshore wind farms. Our aim is to help achieve the sustainability objectives in the Benelux too. The Dutch government’s ambition is to generate 21 gigawatts by 2030, around 50 gigawatts by 2040 and around 70 gigawatts by 2050 via offshore wind turbines.

The Belgian government is striving to achieve an installed power of 5.8 GW by 2030. It is expected that this will be increased to 8 GW by 2040.

The announcement that we are allowed to build the wind farm OranjeWind confirmed recently that our many years of knowledge and expertise is unique.

RWE Benelux’s Offshore team is growing. From our office in Utrecht, we and our motivated team are working on our ambitions for the Benelux. If you want to play an active part in the energy transition too, check out our current vacancies.

How does an offshore wind farm take shape? 

RWE has first-class resources, experience, and expertise, so it can cover the entire wind energy value chain from development through to construction and operation. 

Our integrated business comprises the entire lifecycle of offshore projects. 

Our role in offshore wind

We are number 2 in offshore wind farms in the world. Offshore wind farms are playing an important role in the energy transition, and are pillars of our sustainability strategy.

Our aim is to continue to grow internationally in this dynamic market, which is why we are further expanding our offshore activities in the Netherlands and Belgium. For example, we are working on new tenders, joining forces with various innovative start-ups such as Solar Duck, the business community and leading knowledge and research institutions. We are also working to increase the efficiency of our C-Power wind farm on the Thornton sandbank off the Belgian coast. In all our projects, sustainability is top of the agenda.


Offshore wind farms have an impact on nature. We strive to ensure that the negative effects are as limited as possible. In fact, we are committed to ensuring that the wind farms make a positive contribution to nature.

The growth of offshore wind therefore calls for ecological innovations that have a positive effect on the ecosystem below the line. That is why we are experimenting with solutions to boost nature. Under water, for example, we are using artificial reefs to ensure that marine life is positively encouraged. Above water, we are conducting research into, among other things, how a black blade of a wind turbine reduces bird mortality.

Artificial reef
Black rotor blade

System integration

With system integration, we are aiming for a single integrated energy system that is sustainable, reliable and safe. With our wind farms, we focus on creating a perfect match between supply and demand, which is why we are investigating the options to have battery storage and e-boilers connected directly to our projects.

We are also committed to offshore hydrogen and are involved in the international consortium NortH2 and the H2opZee project.

System integration

Innovation Competition

RWE is committed to accelerating innovative solutions in the field of sustainable energy by collaborating with companies and startups on matters such as specific research questions and pilot plants.

Click here for further information about our Innovation Competition.

Innovation competition

Collaboration and knowledge development

Of course, it is not only at sea that we are working on sustainability of the energy transition and development of new wind projects. We believe that new insights and effective solutions arise through working together with other parties, such as governments, education, knowledge institutions, innovative parties and start-ups. Besides that, we believe it is important to invest in research and knowledge development.

We accelerate the commercial application of new technologies by offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to demonstrate their inventions to us in practice.

Collaboration and knowledge development

Offshore wind farms in operation

RWE Offshore Wind farms in operation

At a glance

Are you generally interested in our wind sites? No problem! On our global map you will find an overview of all offshore and onshore operating locations and projects.

Offshore Wind reference projects

OranjeWind wind farm

With this wind farm, RWE has developed a blueprint for the integration of offshore wind farms in the Dutch energy system.

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Galloper wind farm

On the east coast of the UK, we created 700 jobs during the construction phase, in addition to about 60 long-term positions

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Sofia wind farm

RWE participates in strategic environmental forums to provide information on technologies and obtain approval

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