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Pumped-storage power plant


Facts and figures

Power plant location

Vianden, Luxembourg

Power plant type

Pumped-storage power plant

Commissioned in

1964 (machines 1-9)
1976 (machine 10)
2015 (machine 11)


280 meters

Water flow

325 m3/sec (pump operation),  511.5 m3/sec (turbine operation) 

Total electrical output

1,291 MW (turbine operation) 

Most powerful pumped-storage power plant on the German grid

Société Electrique de l’Our S.A., an incorporated company under Luxembourg law, operates the pumped-storage power plant (PSP) in Vianden, run-of-river hydroelectric stations on the Moselle and Our rivers as well as windfarms in Luxembourg. The main shareholders are the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and RWE Power, each holding 40.3%. By contractual arrangement, use of Vianden pumped-storage power station is the preserve of RWE Power. The RWE power plant portfolio can thus avail of up to 1,296 MW of turbine capacity. 

The Vianden pumped-storage power plant comprises a cavern power plant (machines 1-9), a shaft power plant (machine 10) and a separate cavern for machine 11.