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RWE Generation NL is the Dutch subsidiary of RWE Generation SE with its head office in Essen, Germany. This business unit has its roots in large-scale energy production which previously primarily involved the use of fossil fuels such as coal and gas. Over the past few years, a start has been made on gradually replacing coal with sustainable biomass, enabling RWE to make its own significant contribution towards the achievement of climate targets in the Netherlands. Over the next few years, the CO2 emissions from its power plants will be reduced even further.

RWE Generation is divided into three divisions based on production technology which bring together knowledge, expertise and the installations. Its production sites are based in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands and the teams work together on an international scale.

All the gas-fired units in the Netherlands – located in Moerdijk, Maasbracht, Eemshaven and Geleen – form part of the Gas division, the largest division of RWE Generation.

The two largest power plants in the Biomass division are in the Netherlands: in Geertruidenberg and Eemshaven. The Amer power plant in Geertruidenberg has already replaced 80% of the coal it uses with biomass (mass-based). In Eemshaven, 15% of the electricity is generated using biomass.

The third division – Hydro & Storage – has no production installations in the Netherlands. Primarily comprising water reservoir storage power plants in Germany, it also includes two special products: coal mine gas and biogas.

Involvement in large international projects.

Although the divisions are based on different production technologies, it has not prevented them from collaborating on international projects. For instance, the Eemshaven power plant (on behalf of the Biomass division), together with RWE Renewables and the new RWE Hydrogen team, is involved in one of the largest hydrogen projects in Europe: NortH2. Together with other RWE business units and partners including the province of Groningen, Shell, Gasunie and Groningen Seaports, NortH2 is working on an infrastructure for hydrogen in north-western Europe.

Another noteworthy collaboration saw the realisation of solar farms by RWE Renewables at RWE Generation production sites such as the Amer power plant.


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