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RWE Image

Project expansion Solar Farm Amer

Location Geertruidenberg, Netherlands 
Type op power plant
Sun power (photo voltaic)
Expansion Field South 960 solar panels
Expansion Field North 4,800 solar panels
Expansion Floating 13,364 solar panels
End 2021
Production capacity of the expansions Approximately equal to the annual consumption of 2,130 average households.


Expansions of the Amer Solar Power Plant

Since May 2018, the Amer power plant has had 2,024 solar panels on the roof of the power plant building. The year 2021 is marked by three expansions, both on the ground and on the water.
In January 2021 a start was made on the next phase of the solar park, an expansion with panels on the ground. A total of 5,760 panels, each with a capacity of 410 Watts/peak, have been installed in an aluminium construction on the grass area immediately adjacent to the central building and on the grass area where the old Amer 4 and 5 units were once located. This construction has been placed on concrete blocks, so that the ground did not have to be disturbed. In the summer, the ground expansion was completed and immediately put into use. The ground-mounted panels generate enough power per year for approximately 602 average households.

Largest expansion is on the water

In August, work started on the largest expansion: on the water, on the so-called cooling water triangle. The water from this large pond was used decades ago to cool the production facilities on the site. Now it will be given an energy-producing function itself with over 13,000 floating panels.

In August, a start was made on the sinking of 52 concrete blocks scattered over the bottom of the lake. The panels will be invisibly anchored to these blocks. The construction proceeds at a steady pace. At the beginning of October, 4,000 panels were already floating on the lake. The assembly work is taking place on the shore as much as possible. Every day, about 14 rows, each 13 panels wide, are assembled in the workshop set up there. Each row is coupled to the previous one, creating a block of solar panels that is slowly slid into the water. Around forty rows together form a block that is towed to its final place on the water where it is attached to the other blocks.
With the various extensions, the total production of the Amer Solar Farm will increase from the current 0.55 MWp to as much as 8.9 MWp. Enough electricity for the annual consumption of approximately 2,282 households.


This time lapse video shows how the floating solar farm is being constructed.

RWE Image
RWE Image
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