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Three wind turbines on a sea dike: RWE opens Wind Farm Oostpolderdijk

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  • First time in the world that wind turbines have been built on sea dike
  • Special construction of wind turbine foundation reinforces sea dike
  • The more than 3,500 kilometres of primary barriers in the Netherlands offer many opportunities for renewable energy

Essen, 14 October 2022

RWE, Noorderzijlvest Water Board and the deputy of Groningen province, officially opened the Oostpolderdijk Wind Farm on 13 October 2022. This wind farm, which consists of three wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 7.5 megawatts, is built on a sea dike. It is the first time in the world that this has been done.

Special construction foundation

During the opening, people reflected on all the steps that were taken to make the project a success. As safety and flood prevention are paramount in a dike, careful consideration was given to how a wind turbine could strengthen the dike. This is possible thanks to a special construction of the wind turbines' foundations.

Melissa van Hoorn (member of the Provincial Executive of Groningen), Herman Beerda (member of the Executive Board of Noorderzijlvest Water Board) and Fernando Martin Alvarez (RWE) officially opened the wind farm and were joined by around 80 guests who visited the wind turbines up close and heard more about this innovative project.

To purchase the green electricity generated by, among others, Wind Farm Oostpolderdijk, RWE concluded a power purchase agreement (PPA) in February 2021 with ASML, which is the world's largest supplier of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry.

Expansion of renewable energy Netherlands
RWE is a leader in the energy transition and sees the Netherlands as one of the strategic markets where it wants to further expand its renewable energy portfolio. RWE currently operates 12 onshore wind farms here. Also this year, RWE added the first floating solar project to its renewable portfolio, which is part of Solar farm Amer. In addition, RWE submitted a bid for the yet-to-be-completed offshore wind farm, Hollandse Kust West - sites VI and VII.

Another innovative project by RWE in the Netherlands, is the Anubis project: here, 43 ion lithium batteries are given a 'second life' after intensive use in electric buses. Besides wind, solar and batteries, RWE is also developing hydrogen projects, such as NortH2, H2opZee, FUREC and Eemshydrogen, to help the industry to become more sustainable.

Pictures for media use (credit: RWE) are available at the RWE Media Centre.

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