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Green agricultural flow

Biomass is more than just wood. RWE is conducting extensive research into new raw materials and applications. Agro residues are an example of this: materials left over after harvesting and processing agricultural crops.

At the Amer power plant in recent years, RWE has been conducting tests with pellets made from bagasse from Brazil (in dutch). Bagasse is the fibrous waste left over after sugar production. Pellets were made from this and successfully used as fuel in the Amer power plant. The bagasse originates from sustainable sugar cane plantations to the west of São Paulo, more than 2000 km from the Amazon region. 

The tests explored technical aspects including logistics, storage, combustion and emissions from bagasse pellets. Currently, work is underway to study the composition of residues and the feasibility of using them for high-quality applications in road and housing construction.

RWE always takes a critical view of the origin of its raw materials. Corporate social responsibility involves taking account of environmental protection, climate change, social interests and human rights. Solidaridad is working in collaboration with RWE, to chart be the potential pros and cons of bagasse as a biofuel for various stakeholders in Brazil and the Netherlands.