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Hard coal and biomass fired powerplant

Eemshaven power plant

Facts and figures

Power plant location Eemshaven, the Netherlands
Power plant type Hard coal and biomass fired powerplant
Commissioned in 2015
Fuel Hard coal, biomass
Electrical output (net) 1,560 MW (two units)
Flue gas cleaning Electrostatic filters, denitrification and flue gas desulphurisation plant


State-of-the-art hard-coal-fired power plant 

Originally, the Dutch authorities designated the port areas of Maasvlakte near Rotterdam and Eemshaven near Groningen as sites for new power plants, because of the presence of ports for importing fuel and the availability of sufficient cooling water. RWE accepted the invitation from the Dutch authorities and built an ultramodern coal-fired power plant in Eemshaven, with a capacity of 1,560 MW, which was commissioned in 2015. The plant, consisting of units A and B, plays an important role in supplying the Netherlands with affordable and reliable electricity.


The power plant was built using the latest technology. It achieves an efficiency level of 46 per cent. A higher level of efficiency means that less fuel is required to generate the same amount of energy, ultimately resulting in lower emissions. The plant is not just efficient, but with its modern purification and filter systems it is also the one with the lowest emissions of its type. 

Just like the Amer power station, the Eemshaven power station is being converted into a biomass power station. At present, 15% of the energy is generated by biomass. RWE's ambition is to convert the power plant into a biomass power plant in the long term, if it is economically feasible and the right permits are in place.


The power plant comprises two "ultra-super-critical" boilers. Since they are specially designed to be started up and shut down quickly, they can help balance out the fluctuating electricity feed-in from renewable energy sources. This flexibility makes the plant an ideal fit for the modern world of energy supply.

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