Health & Safety

Access policy for Magnum power station

Please note! This gate instruction is only for the Magnum power plant of RWE GCC-NL in Eemshaven.

You are welcome at our sites and offices, although some ground rules apply. These are necessary to ensure the safety of both our own staff and people visiting or coming to work.

You come to visit?

A visitor is always reported to the security lodge by the RWE employee/contact person. The RWE contact person collects the visitor from the lodge and accompanies them during the visit. The visitor will be informed by the lodge employee and/or RWE contact person of the rules in force at that location.

Perform labour?

Do you come to perform work in or near Magnum power plant installations, buildings or workshops where there is a risk of injury? Or do you come to perform work that is based on a contract (this includes taking measurements for the preparation of a quotation), then you must have followed the Magnum site-specific RWE gate instruction, with test, before reporting to the security lodge. Again, you will be reported to the security lodge by your contact person. For this gate instruction and test, click the link below:

Follow the instructions and make sure you take the certificate with you so you can show it to the security lodge employee.