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Wind farm Kattenberg – Reedijk


Close to Oirschot (province Noord-Brabant)

Number of wind turbines

4 x 2.4 MW

Shaft height

91 meter

Installed capacity

9.6 MW

Electricity production (in annual consumption of average Dutch households)

8,500 households




Four wind turbines of 2.4 MW each are lined up along the A58 motorway between Oirschot and Moergestel. The wind farm owes its name to the nearby roads Kattenberg and Reedijk, which cross the A58 just outside the wind farm. Two turbines are situated on the territory of the municipality of Oirschot, two others on the territory of the municipality of Oisterwijk. The four wind turbines are situated approximately 500 metres apart to the north of the A58 motorway. The wind turbines produce sustainable energy for the annual consumption of 8,500 average Dutch households.

The construction of the park started in 2015. The wind turbines were installed in 2016.