Health & Safety

Our H&S department is committed to Health and Safety

Our commitment to health and safety is a sign of respect and appreciation, not only for our own employees but also for our suppliers and service-providers.

Everyone who works for RWE should be able to go home at the end of the working day as healthy as they were when they arrived at work. We want to ensure that our partner companies apply the concept of safety in the same way as we do because only together can we successfully create a safe and healthy working environment.

At RWE, there are countless measures and initiatives in place for continuously and permanently improving health and safety at work. A prime example are the so-called Life-Saving Rules that were drawn up as part of the Mission Zero programme.

Principles of the H&S department

  • The department will help any of the employees or service-providers interpret the RWE Health & Safety Policy and put it into practice.
  • The department provides hands-on advice on creating a safe and healthy workplace where the Occupational Hygiene strategy will always be of utmost importance.
  • The department provides support in connection with incident investigations and safety-related training.
  • The department maintains close contacts with all stakeholders such as Human Resources, Works Council representatives and other safety experts within the company in the areas of process, explosion and electrical safety.